Murat Ham

Presenter | Speaker | Scrum Master

Are you looking for a moderator for the implementation of a goal-oriented and efficient approach? You need a professional who deals effectively with the dynamics in the group? You are searching for an expert who supported changes, uses resources and achieved targets by qualified work? Or are you looking for a speaker with speech training who add sound to your texts? You also need a Scrum Master, who helps the whole team to organize his work productively?

Murat Ham moderated various events and add sound to your texts. Whether it is a corporate merger, a restructuring, or starting a new business, the realignment of strategy or a repositioning in the market – you can rely on the extensive experience of Murat Ham as a Scrum Master to plan and to implement the communication in the change process.

For a successful communication, the target audience must feel addressed. That's not easy mainly in Berlin, where more than 100,000 inhabitants don’t have German origin. It is worthwhile to use a targeted communications for these groups with language and images. Companies for example Volkswagen discover the buying power of consumer with foreign roots. Communication experts are facing major challenges.

One of the biggest target groups are German Turks. They apply in ethno communication as particularly eager consumers. They have a high purchasing power and are for many companies of very great interest. In this case language is crucial. It is the access to customers. It is important that customers notice: This company comes to meet us. By ethno-communication the companies are able to build new customer groups. The services of Murat Ham include targeted communication that takes account of specific consumer behavior and cultural characteristics.

In the communication work is furthermore the sponsorship an important factor: In this case messages of brands and companies are mediated. And people are reached. Sponsorship informed, manages contacts and occasions for measures of the internal and external communication. Sponsorship is a key factor in terms of media response in the target media. The core competencies of Murat Ham include strategic consulting and conception as well as the development of projects and their implementation.